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iConText is the largest independent provider of SEA/SEO solutions in the Russian market. Founded in 2002, the Company grew into a leading market player with the staff of over 100 men, whose current clients include top multinational and local agencies and advertisers. Years of presence on the market enabled iConText to achieve its market leader status supported by in-house expertise and managing tools to deliver efficient high impact advertising campaigns for its clients. Along with contextual advertising, a mainstay of iConText business, our agency became one of the leading players at the web consulting business in Russia, started a dedicated department that provides a wide range of consulting services in web analytics, conversion rate optimization and multichannel attribution.

iConText is the exclusive Russian reseller of the best world-leading technology for effective internet marketing.

Contextual Advertising

  • Efficient advertising campaigns on Yandex, Google, Begun, Vkontakte, Facebook.
  • Free media plan
  • The lowest click cost

Search Engine Optimization

  • Your website in TOP 10 of search engine systems
  • Payment by results

Web Analytics

  • Analysis and improvement of website effectiveness
  • Conversion optimization and sales growth improvement
  • Best enterprise-class web analytics solutions


  • Full-rate contextual campaigns with a budget starting from 50 000 roubles

Adobe Media Optimizer

  • Contextual campaigns managed by American platform for effective internet marketing optimization.

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Мы не раз работали вместе с iConText, и были приятно удивлены, как результатами, так и самим процессом сотрудничества. Благодарю специалистов агентства за ответственность, доброжелательность и профессионализм!
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